How Used CMMs Stand The Test Of Time

Published by CMMXYZ on November 4, 2021

Coordinate measuring machines are a cornerstone of manufacturing industries. Using advanced digital tools, they offer precise measurements of geometric objects, which can save manufacturers precious time and costs.

Through quality inspections, calibrations, and repairs, pre-owned CMMs can offer the same benefits as any new model. With certified metrologists at the helm, CMM operators can feel confident that their machines provide accurate measurements.

As CMM machine experts, we are committed to helping our clients find the right new or used metrology solutions for their businesses. Consider how, with the right materials and maintenance services, used CMMs continue to stand the test of time and work like new to streamline manufacturing and production needs.

What is a Used CMM? 

used coordinate measuring machine is a previously used piece of equipment that, when correctly maintained, can operate with the same accuracy and efficiency as a new CMM. Before purchase, used CMMs are typically put through a rigorous 31-point quality check to ensure every component is functioning correctly.

Used CMMs are beneficial for manufacturers looking to save on costs without sacrificing quality measurements.

The Services That Maintain & Improve Used CMMs 

There are various materials and services that help CMMs continue to function years after their inception.

At CMMXYZ, we draw from a wealth of metrology knowledge and expertise and are leaders in quality used CMMs. We ensure our clients understand the components and software that come with their chosen model and work vigorously to maintain every used CMM on our floor.

Consider the additional pieces and programs that help pre-owned CMMs operate like new:


Retrofitting is designed to restore CMMs to their highest level of performance so that they can meet today’s industry demands. While CMMs are designed with durability, the industry’s advancements as a whole can impact how your current machine performs.

Through our CMM upgrades and retrofits, our technicians can bring your used CMM to the current industry standards. We’ll enhance the accuracy and speed of your machine, including its software and probing technology.

We use retrofitting techniques to improve the reliability and longevity of used CMMs, to ensure they can perform their duties for our clients in the years to come. Our capabilities apply to all makes of CMMs, including Brown & Sharpe, Wenzel, Mitutoyo, LK, Romer, Faro, and DEA.


Calibration is essential to the accuracy of a used CMM, and without it, manufacturers can run the risk of inaccurate measurements or equipment failure. Portable arms, in particular, are often transported between multiple factories and shop floors and therefore absorb a greater amount of wear-and-tear.

We offer reputable CMM calibration and repair services to ensure your machine is operating at its highest standards. We perform a series of tests, including single-point accuracy, volumetric ball bar, and effective diameter performance, which allow our technicians to determine if there are any errors or inaccuracies that must be addressed.

Our calibration services are held to today’s ISO standards for maximum accuracy and our clients’ peace of mind.


Repairs are an integral part of maintaining the longevity of any used CMM. Without regular repairs, once well-performing machines can run the risk of inaccurate data collection and overall malfunctions, which can increase your production costs. Regular repairs are preventative measures that will ultimately help you avoid significant repairs, protecting your bottom line.

We provide professional CMM repair services that go beyond your air bearings and controller filters. We look thoroughly at your sensors, bearings, and encoder gaps and will identify any irregularities. Through our detailed repair services, we’ll ensure your used CMM can function at its highest level, so your production line never suffers.


Certifications hold companies accountable and ensure they’re continuously meeting the evolving standards of their industry. For metrology providers, it identifies their ability to provide accurate, professional services to their clients.

At CMMXYZ, we’re proud to be multi-certified to governmental and non-governmental standards, including ISO certification. The International Organization for Standardization is one of the leading certifications in several major industries, including hospitality and engineering. ISO standards are guidelines for metrologists, providing the tools and resources they need to ensure there is quality, consistency, and accuracy in every department, from CMM calibrations to training courses.

We continuously refer to ISO standards to maintain the accuracy and functionality of our clients’ used CMMs. As the standards evolve, our practices evolve alongside them.

The Materials that Keep CMMs Durable 

Companies requiring advanced and accurate measurements turn to CMMs to provide them with the data they need to streamline production and their bottom line. Two primary factors contribute to the longevity and strength of a CMM:

The Base:

Large, fixed CMMs are designed with solid bases that provide stability.


Whether it’s a fixed or portable machine, CMM frames are often built with a mixture of steel, ceramic, granite, and aluminum alloy. These materials can withstand changing temperatures and environments and contribute to the overall durability of today’s CMMs.

Used CMM Factors that Impact Functionality 

Incorporating a CMM into your production line doesn’t mean you have to select a brand-new model. Plenty of operational used CMMs on the market can save on costs without sacrificing accurate data collection. A used CMM machine buyers guide can help you understand the importance of selecting quality machines from reputable providers.

When it comes to a used CMM, there are several important components to consider:

Functioning Probe Systems 

The probe is an integral part of an accurate and efficient used CMM. Without a functioning probe, the machine cannot collect the data it needs to streamline your production line. Used CMMs may have worn out or damaged probes if they’re not sold by a certified metrology company, which can lead to significant costs long-term.

Accurate Measurement Capabilities 

If your CMM cannot accurately perform its basic measurement responsibilities, you’ll end up spending more money on another piece of equipment down the line. When shopping for cost-effective, used CMMs, ask the supplier to perform a demonstration with the model so you can see first-hand its capabilities.

Professionally Calibrated 

Before you transfer your used CMM to your production floor, it’s important to ensure it’s been professionally calibrated by a trusted and certified metrology provider. CMMs are complex pieces of equipment, and their components can change even with the slightest temperature change. Professional metrologists will have the knowledge and tools to calibrate your CMM to its fullest potential and thoroughly inspect its components and software to prevent any errors on your shop floor.

Latest Software 

CMM software is continuously evolving, and it’s crucial for new and used CMMs to operate with the industry’s latest software, which can save manufacturers significant costs long-term. Taking advantage of CMM software updates can help you cost-effectively upgrade your used CMM. A reputable metrology provider will work closely with you to determine which software will work most effectively with your machine.

Purchased From a Reputable Supplier 

When it comes to purchasing a used CMM, the supplier you choose can ultimately determine the quality of machine you’ll receive. This investment is best purchased from a licensed and certified metrology provider. As you shop their inventory, a reputable supplier will be able to provide all the necessary information about each CMM in their inventory, from its last calibration date to software features and installation requirements.

How to Maintain Your Used CMMs

The responsibilities don’t end after you’ve purchased your used CMM from your metrology provider. It’s equally as important as the new operator to put in the time and effort to maintain your machine to ensure its durability will last for the foreseeable future.

Regular maintenance is the difference between a long-lasting CMM and one that needs to be entirely replaced after a short time. While professional maintenance should be a routine part of your yearly inspection, there are simple steps you can take to ensure their used CMM is operating at the highest level of accuracy.

Dust Removal 

Using lint-free cloths to clean in and around the machine will ensure dust particles cannot compromise the delicate components of your CMM.

Air Quality 

Ensuring consistent airflow will help you avoid significant damage to your machine’s air bearings. Routinely check your machine’s air pressure and keep an eye on any condensation or contaminants in the bearings of your CMM.


The filters of a CMM can become discoloured and contaminated if they’re not regularly maintained. They should be cleaned on a regular basis and entirely replaced if needed.

Used CMMs We Carry 

CMMXYZ carries a wide range of professionally-grade used CMMs from several major manufacturers. Each of our machines is thoroughly inspected for quality control and comes with the details our clients need to choose the best model for their production line.

Each used CMM we offer includes our delivery and installation services, plus a 30-day warranty. Some of the most popular used CMMs we carry are:

Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage 9.12.8 

Global Advantage CMMs are used to measure large geometric components in complex environments, from aerospace production to industrial machine industries. The Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage 9.12.8 was developed in 2008 and features a DCC controller, Renishaw PH10MQ probe head, and PC-DMIS CAD software.

Zeiss Contura 7.10.6 

The Zeiss Contura is made up of a vast range of sensors which allows the user to choose the sensor that fits their application. This particular model is designed with VAST XT Probing, Calypso software, and an ergonomic setup for the user’s convenience.

Nikon Altera 15.12.10 

The Nikon Altera is known for its and is continuously refined to meet industry standards. The Altera 15.12.10 is equipped with a Renishaw PH10MQ probe head, CMM Manager 3.6 software, and a DCC controller.

Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S 7.10.6 

The Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S 7.10.6 is part of a new generation of coordinate measuring machines designed to help maximize factory production through multi-sensory flexibility and scanning probe technologies. This model includes Renishaw PH10MQ and Renishaw TP20 probes with MCOSMOS V 4.2 Software and a DCC controller.

What to Look for in a Used CMM Provider 

Choosing the right metrology provider can ultimately determine the quality of CMM that you purchase. When shopping for a used CMM, there are certain qualities to be mindful of in a provider that will ensure you’re getting your money’s worth and that your production continues to operate without delays.

Wide Selection of Inventory 

A reputable metrology provider will have a wide selection of used CMMs for their clients to choose from. They should carry the industry’s leading brands and be able to provide detailed descriptions for each model.

Calibration Capabilities 

CMMs are complex pieces of machinery that require an expert level of knowledge to operate. Proper calibration is essential to ensuring your CMM is functioning at its highest level. Without adequate calibration, you run the risk of inaccurate measurements and errors in your production line. Portable arms, in particular, require regular portable arm calibration since they are often transported between shop floors, resulting in more wear and tear.

A reputable CMM supplier will have the calibration capabilities you need to maintain your machine’s accuracy and efficiency.


Certifications are designed to hold metrology providers accountable and are awarded to providers who routinely meet the current industry standards. When looking for reputable CMM providers, it’s important to consider their certifications to determine whether they have the expertise and reputation you need to feel confident in your purchase.

Some of the certifications and accreditations to consider when selecting a used CMM provider: ISO — The International Organization for Standardization — is a non-governmental organization used as the standard for safety, quality, and efficiency in various industries, including metrology.

ISO/IEC 17025: IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission together ISO and IEC engage in developing, maintaining, and promoting standards for testing and calibration laboratories. ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation applies to organizations that test and calibrate CMMs. Controlled Goods certifications refer to any goods that have technical data relevant to national security. Lastly, Hexagon certifications are provided to companies that have been trained and audited by Hexagon on ROMER Absolute and MultiGage Arms.

Certifications are an important part of any reputable CMM provider and should be a cornerstone of their services, including the used CMMs they sell, calibrate, and repair.

Work with CMMXYZ 

CMMXYZ is proud to be North America’s leading metrology provider with over 30 years of proven industry experience.

We offer a wide range of CMM measurement services, from purchasing to maintenance, repairs, and training. Our technicians have in-depth knowledge and understanding of CMMs, their components, and industry best practices.

We’re committed to providing real metrology solutions across industries, from aerospace to healthcare, and are always on-hand to answer your questions about CMMs. If you’re looking for quality used CMMs that are up to today’s industry standards, let CMMXYZ help you find the right machine for your shop floor.

Contact us today to learn about our used CMM inventory and our maintenance, repair, and calibration services.

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