CMM Certifications & The Importance of Working With A Certified CMM Service Provider

Published by CMMXYZ on April 1, 2021

Certifications are designed to hold companies accountable and are awarded to the businesses that continue to meet a certain standard of performance and technical knowledge in their chosen field. When it comes to the CMM industry, certified metrologists have the tools and expertise to deliver sales knowledge and provide measurement, calibration, and repair services to their clients.

At CMMXYZ, we are proud to be coordinate measuring machine experts and have been providing independent measurement solutions to clients for more than three decades. Whether you’re looking for a new or used machine, an upgrade to your system, or repairs or measuring services, our team of certified metrology specialists can help you with all of your CMM needs.

CMMXYZ provides quality dimensional measurement services to clients across Canada and the United States. We operate under the ISO certification and accreditations and are committed to providing superior products and a high level of service to our customers.

Types of CMM Certifications 

Certifications identify a company’s ability to provide exceptional and accurate services to its clients. Companies that put in the time and effort to become certified signify to their clients that they are committed to following industry standards and delivering measurable results.

The trained professionals at CMMXYZ operate under multiple certifications and accreditations, following both government and non-government standards. Our extensive knowledge, proven skill set and CMM certifications set us apart as leading metrologists in North America.


The Independent Organization for Standardization — known as ISO — is a non-governmental, independent, international organization. The organization, created in 1947 in the United Kingdom, now holds its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Their board is composed of representatives from several national standards organizations from around the world.

ISO was created to develop industry standards that ensure the safety, quality, and efficiency of various companies’ products, systems, and services. This certification ensures consistency across numerous industries, ranging from construction and engineering to hotels and hospitality to metrology-based business.

Companies that acquire an ISO certification have met the requirements for quality assurance and can offer premium, licenced management systems, manufacturing processes, and training services.

Performance tests are continuously evolving, as are the standards that monitor CMM machines. In the early days of CMM services, every corner of the world used its own set of criteria to perform tests on its devices. In 1994 this all changed — as the ISO published the first version of ISO-10360 standard.

The ISO-10360 standard undergoes yearly improvements, and ISO accredited CMM companies must be up-to-date with their current best practices. Professionals that operate under these standards are seen as leaders in their industry, which is why you need ISO-10360 calibration in your toolbox. With this certification, customers are provided with the assurance that a business's practices are timely and efficient and adhere to international standards.

Controlled Goods 

Any organization that must transfer, possess or examine controlled goods by law must register in the CGP (Controlled Goods Program).

Controlled goods refer to any primary goods which have components and technical data relevant to military or national security. This consists of technical specifications or blueprints in the technology sector, whether on paper or documented electronically.

Public Services and Procurement Canada manage the CGP and carry out their regular duties. The program is responsible for security assessments, company compliance with legislation, training, and conducting inspections.

With this registration, companies like CMMXYZ can effectively process or transfer controlled goods throughout North America.


The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is a particular component of the ISO certification. This certification is provided through the ANSI National Accreditation Board, a non-governmental organization that offers accreditation services and training to the public and private sector.

The IEC certification applies to all organizations performing laboratory-based activities, regardless of its number of employees. Several certifications fall under the IEC category, though they’re all designed to enable companies to manage the security of their assets, including financial documentation, employee details, intellectual property, or information allocated to third parties.

A certification of accreditation was granted to CMMXYZ in the field of calibration and dimensional measurement, fulfilling the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017. This accreditation allows our team of metrology experts to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of CMM services, from maintenance and repairs to selling and training.

Portable Arm Calibration 

Portable arms require regular calibration and maintenance. We recommend calibrating portable arms once every year, at a minimum. If the equipment is used regularly or moved from one factory location to another, it’s recommended they’re calibrated every six months.

Through ISO certification, CMMXYZ is able to offer our clients licenced and professional CMM services, including efficient portable arm calibration. Our trained metrologists and technicians can perform evaluations on six and seven-axis portable arms.

What is the ISO Standard? 

The International Organization for Standardization — known commonly as ISO — provides non-governmental organizations with standards that ensure the safety, quality, and efficiency of various industries’ products and services.

Their standards provide guidelines to metrology companies like CMMXYZ and provide the tools and resources needed to ensure consistency, quality, and safety across all departments. The services and training we offer and the steps we take for quality assurance are laid out by the ISO.

We are certified in ISO 9001 Standards, which refer to quality management. These standards are among the best in the field, as they designate the criteria companies must have to meet several quality management regulations.

ISO certifications are standard in several industries, ranging from hospitality to engineering. This specific certification confirms to prospective clients that CMMXYZ has the necessary requirements for quality assurance and standardization — whether we’re operating a portable, non-contact, or Zeiss CMM or offering any of our extensive professional services.

ISO standards help ensure relevancy and accuracy throughout the products and services we offer our clients. When the standards evolve, we evolve alongside them. Our clients are kept up-to-date with industry standards to ensure their unwavering confidence in CMMXYZ.

Benefits of Working with a Certified CMM Service Provider 

Companies that have gone through accreditations and certifications have committed to their craft before they even begin to reach out to prospective clients.

Working towards certifications takes a significant amount of time and effort, though it yields even greater results. We put in the work to ensure we’re operating under the highest possible standards. Because of this, our clients reap the benefits, and we secure lasting professional relationships.

Quality of Services 

The level of service offered by certified CMM companies is unparalleled compared to those without the necessary qualifications. Coordinate measuring machines require a detailed level of care and maintenance, whether it’s upgrading obsolete models or conducting CMM training programs.

Our completion and continued maintenance of ISO and government certifications ensure our clients that we can offer the highest-quality CMM services in the industry.

Full Spectrum of Services 

Servicing a coordinate measuring machine involves a detailed understanding of its key features and intricate components. A service engineer must be proficient and appropriately trained in all aspects of utilizing a CMM, from upgrading software to repairing machines on the factory floor. Certifications are required to carry out these tasks effectively.

Operating and repairing a complex metrology machine encompasses a spectrum of services that a certified CMM service professional will have the qualifications and experience to utilize. Working with a certified CMM professional ensures each service provided, from system upgrades to on and off-site measurements, is conducted using best industry practices. Our licenced and multi-certified technicians work with clients across North America to deliver our full range of services with an unmatched level of precision and satisfaction.

Safety Standards 

Metrology companies are responsible for maintaining the safety of their machines, their clients, and their staff. To successfully carry out the safety measures needed in the CMM industry, accredited certifications are essential.

Setting up and operating CMMs — whether stationary, portable, or non-contact — requires an in-depth level of safety practices to keep the machines running smoothly and ensure everyone on the factory floor is safe. The regulations for CMM maintenance and repair — outlined by the ISO — are put in place to deliver a level of comfort and assurance to those operating the machines.

Certified service professionals have gone through the courses and procedures needed to secure the ISO’s safety certifications. Clients that work with CMMXYZ have documented proof of our commitment to safety practices, as we are continuously upgrading our certificates to reflect current industry standards.

Customer Service 

Companies looking to operate in the CMM industry must be able to put the needs of their clients first — whether it’s helping them find the suitable machine for their factory floor or offering training programs to help them build their metrology knowledge. Certifications are an essential part of a CMM customer’s experience.

Customer service is a crucial component of the foundation we’ve built at CMMXYZ. In today’s competitive market, we understand how important providing a premium level of service is to our clients’ success and the success of our business. With each level of certification, we’re deepening our commitment to our clients and our CMM partners.

Industry Compliance 

Industry standards are continuously changing and evolving, especially when it comes to coordinate measuring machines. Operating and servicing CMMs involves a detailed level of care and attention, carried out to ISO and government specifications.

The certifications associated with CMM industry standards are designed to ensure uniform safety and operational practices worldwide. Companies with the necessary accreditation have committed to upholding their industry’s best practices — while simultaneously committing to updating their security and operational protocols as their industry evolves.

At CMMXYZ, we are dedicated to providing premium quality products and services in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of our clients. Our ISO and government certifications are a sense of pride for our team of CMM experts. Our industry compliance is a core component of our services, and we pride ourselves on upgrading our standards as our industry advances.

Proven Experience 

Working with coordinate measuring machines is a task that cannot be sufficiently carried out without extensive experience and a proven record of success. Through certifications, our company has committed itself and our team to meeting industry standards year after year. These documents outline to potential clients and professional partners that we have the experience needed to complete the job safely, efficiently, and to industry specifications.

Metrology certifications are an essential component of the professional services CMMXYZ can offer clients. We’ve provided training, selling, and repair services to manufacturers across North America for more than three decades. Our ISO and government certifications are a core component of the experience we can bring to our clients.

Industry Standard Training 

Quality training is essential for all major industries, though it takes on a particular significance when it comes to metrology. Each CMM must be operated ensuring that all government and non-government standards are adhered to.

Our trained metrologists have the tools and knowledge to show your technicians how to operate your CMM, including inspections and improving inefficiencies and inspection routines. With their expertise, you’ll have the insight needed to maintain and update your existing CMM software to reflect the industry’s current standards.

Learn how our training programs work and how they are customizable to accommodate even the most specific requests. Whether you’re looking for remote training or e-learning solutions, CMMXYZ offers industry-leading training services to our clients with certified professionals at the helm.

Work with CMMXYZ 

CMMXYZ is proud to be North America’s leading measurement solutions provider for over 30 years. We provide a one-stop-shop for all CMM-related services, including new and used machines, certified training services, and measurement and calibration services.

Our team of trained metrologists have the certifications to deliver thorough, safe, and efficient CMM services. We provide swift response times and minimum turnaround, maximizing the potential profits for our clients.

When you work with CMMXYZ, you’re working with an experienced and licenced company dedicated to customer safety and satisfaction. If you require a new or used CMM or would like to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Our metrology specialists are available to answer questions, recommend products, or conduct an on or off-site visit. We’ll work intently to identify the correct metrology machine or repair service for your needs.

Our trained specialists are available to answer any of your questions, explain our services, and help identify the metrology approach that meets your unique needs. Contact us today to get started.

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