Clearance Cube and Movesets PC-DMIS 2023.1

Published by CMMXYZ on June 26, 2023

Improvements in The Clearance Cube Function and Introduction to Movesets command in PC-DMIS 2023.1 

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Welcome to a new video on Tech Tips from CMMXYZ. In this video, let's explore the advancement of the ClearanceCube functionality and the introduction of a new command called Moveset in PC-DMIS 2023.1. If you're new to the ClearanceCube feature in PCDMIS, a helpful resource, to begin with, is the Tech Tips video titled "The ClearanceCube by CMMXYZ." You can find the link to the video in the description. PC-DMIS 2023.1 introduces a new settings window for the ClearanceCube feature. You can easily show or hide this window by using the icon located in the toolbar specifically designed for the ClearanceCube. This ClearanceCube settings window enables the user to quickly turn on or off the ClearanceCube directly in the window displayed below, graphic display window. The ClearanceCube functionality controlling the movement of the probe was earlier placed in the ClearanceCube definition dialogue under the status tab. Now, in the latest version of PC-DMIS 2023.1, the status tab has been removed from the ClearanceCube definition dialogue and is displayed in a separate window.

Next, we can see the status of the ClearanceCube for a feature by clicking and bringing the cursor on the feature. We can disable the ClearanceCube for multiple features by highlighting the features in edit window. Highlight the features in edit window, and in ClearanceCube settings window, we can disable or enable the ClearanceCube for those features based on the requirements. Here, we don't require ClearanceCube movement from Circle 3 to Circle 8. Highlight the features in edit window, and disable the ClearanceCube on all the features at a time from the ClearanceCube settings window by turning off Activate ClearanceCube Moves. We can also change the ClearanceCube settings for individual features before and after feature measurement using starting phase and ending phase. Now, when we check the path lines for the features, you'll see that the ClearanceCube has been disabled for features from Circle 3 to Circle 8.

Next, let's see how Movesets work. Here, I have a point that's taken inside a notch. The path of the probe shows that the probe is traveling in ClearanceCube before entering the notch. We can optimize this movement by adding move points before the probe reaches the ClearanceCube to measure the feature. To add Movesets, place the cursor before the feature and navigate to Insert, Move, Movesets. Using this dialogue box, we can add move points in Moveset. We can add a move point from Add Move Point icon, which is the plus icon, or Read From Machine Position icon. Let's add the move point from Add Move Point icon. Using this icon, you can add move points directly from the move point button in your jog box. Here, I'll add a move point at two positions to optimize the path of the probe by manipulating X, Y, and Z coordinate.

You can see two points are displayed in the graphic display window showing the path of Moveset. Two move points are added in the list. Then press OK to add the Moveset command in the edit window. As you can see, a Moveset is a collection of move points. Now, if you check the path lines, the probe moves to the move point given in the Moveset before going to the ClearanceCube set for the feature, which can be edited later based on the requirements. This is a video on ClearanceCube settings and Movesets in PC-DMIS 2023.1. Thank you for watching the video.

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