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TP20 Touch Trigger Probe

TP20 CMM Touch Trigger Probe

    TP20 Touch Trigger Probe

The TP20 Touch Trigger Probe system offers a compact and unique design. Specifically, it allows a range of stylus configurations and extensions to access features on complex parts. It can also be adjusted to a 5-way or 6-way kinematic touch-trigger probe system.

The TP20 is comprised of a two-piece design, which includes the probe body and detachable stylus module(s). These are connected using a highly repeatable magnetic kinematic coupling, which provides ability to change stylus configurations (either manually or automatically) without the need for requalification.

The TP20 system is easily retrofitted and is compatible with existing touch trigger probe interfaces, extensions and adaptors. A set of probe extensions are also available and the stylus mounting thread accepts styli from the Renishaw M2 range.

The system components of the TP20 include the following:

  • TP20 probe body
  • TP20 probe module - seven variants allow optimisation to suit application
  • MCR20 module changing rack - automatic operation
  • MSR1 module storage rack - manual operation
  • Suitable for interfacing with Renishaw's PI4-2, PI7-2 or PI200

Sense directions

All modules except 6W


±X, ±Y, +Z

±X, ±Y, ±Z

Suitable interface


PI4-2, PI7-2, PI200, UCC

Pre-travel variation


SF / EM1 / EM2




±0.60 µm (± 0.000023 in)

±0.80 µm (± 0.000032 in)

±1.00 µm (± 0.000039 in)

±2.00 µm (± 0.000079 in)

±1.50 µm (±0.000058 in)

Unidirectional repeatability

 LF / SF / EM1 / EM2




±0.35 µm (± 0.000014 in)

±0.50 µm (± 0.000020 in)

±0.65 µm (± 0.000026 in)

±0.80 µm (± 0.000032 in)

Repeatability of stylus changing



±0.50 µm (± 0.000020 in)

±1.00µm (± 0.000040 in)

Stylus range



Mounting method


M8 thread

Probe Modules
A range of seven (application specific) probe modules are available for the TP20. Each of them are identified by coloured caps. 




Trigger forces

Stylus lengths

SF - Standard force

TP20 Standard Force Module 

Suited to the majority of applications

XY: 0.08 N

Z: 0.75 N

Stylus: 10 mm

10 - 50 mm GF

LF - Low force

 TP20 Low Force Module

Low trigger forces applications - e.g. rubber seals

XY: 0.055 N

Z: 0.65 N

Stylus: 10 mm

10 - 30 mm

MF - Medium force

TP20 Medium Force Module

Where a higher trigger force than standard is required

XY: 0.1 N

Z: 1.9 N

Stylus: 25 mm

10 - 60 mm

EF - Extended force

TP20 Extended Force Module

Large stylus assemblies or where vibration causes spurious 'air' triggers

XY: 0.1 N

Z: 3.2N

Stylus: 50 mm

10 - 60 mm

6W - 6-way

TP20 6-way module

Measurement in the –Z direction - e.g. undercuts

XY: 0.14 N

Z: 1.6N

Stylus:  10 mm

10 - 50 mm

EM1 STD - 50 mm extension

Majority of applications requiring a 50 mm extension

XY: 0.08 N

Z: 0.75 N

Stylus:  10 mm

10 - 50 mm

EM2 STD - 75 mm extension

Majority of applications requiring a 75 mm extension

XY: 0.08 N

Z: 0.75 N

Stylus:  10 mm

10 - 50 mm

Changing racks

mcr20 charge rack

The MCR20 probe module changing rack is designed to securely hold stored modules for rapid automatic changing. It is also meant to protect them from airborne contaminants within the working environment. 

msr1 touch trigger probe charge rack

The MSR1 module storage rack safely holds up to six modules. It simplifies manual module changing and thus aids measurement productivity. The MSR1 can be mounted on the CMM table or on a vertical surface.

Extended warranty
For peace of mind, a 3-year warranty is available for your new CMM products during the first 3 months from purchase