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SmartScope Lazer 200

    SmartScope Lazer 200

The Lazer 200 is a benchtop system that is based on the popular SmartScope Flash™ 200. This product is an innovative non-contact measurement system that uses laser scanning with video support to gather its measurements.

Its unique "elevating bridge" design creates a compact system that can scan anywhere within its 200x200x100 mm (8x8x4") measurement volume. It also uses proven-technology DRS™ lasers to make high-quality non-contact laser scans of critical part surfaces.

From simple line scans to rectangular and circular scans, the Lazer 200 uses a simple point and click interface. Integral on-axis video imaging is used to locate part features, set datums, and to select laser scan start and end points. White LEDs provide surface illumination, and profile illumination can be used to find part edges.

MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor metrology software is standard with the Lazer 200 and it is easily programmable for a variety of scanning tasks.