Software Maintenance Agreement

SMA Benefits

What features do I have access to with my SMA?

Access to the most current releases of PC-DMIS
Facilitates PC-DMIS version flexibility and/or compatibility with your customers, suppliers and affiliates
Unlimited telephone and/or remote technical support during the warranty period
Remote "Real Time" Support allows CMMXYZ's Technical Support to diagnose and solve customer problems

Getting Started - FAQ

How do I get Technical Support?

The fastest way by far to get Technical Support is to submit a ticket online. You can do so here or by selecting Technical Support on the top of any page of our website. An account is helpful but not required - this way, your ticket will go automatically in the queue for priority sequence by our Technical Support Team. Please note you will need your valid SMA number to proceed.

How do I install my Dumpfile?

Where do I download the latest version of PC-DMIS?

What about Polyworks?

Download Polyworks by clicking here (Note: Account required)

Do I need administrator rights to install PC-DMIS/Polyworks?

YES! We find if you work in a company with a strong IT presence, it is a good idea to alert them before the install so they can be on standby to assist. For specific scenarios - please contact Technical Support.

Do you have answers to online Measurement Questions?

Absolutely - See our Tech Tips Section of our Website for a wide variety of Technical Tips for both PC-DMIS and Polyworks software.

How do I receive my PWD Update File?

The PWD Update File has been sent to the primary contact for the Customer.

Transfers are via Dropbox:

  • If your company does not accept Dropbox please contact us for alternate arrangements
Important Note: To update your PC-DMIS software, we require a recent copy of your license dumpfile.
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