MH20 Manual Probe Head

MH20 Manual CMM Probe Head

A manually adjustable probe head, the MH20 is an integral TP20 kinematic stylus module mount with an A-axis. The axis can rotate through 315° in the X-Y plane and the B-axis can rotate through 93° in the Z plane. The MH20 also has a thumbwheel that locks the swivel in any position within the movement envelope of the head.

TP20 modules can be changed frequently, as long as qualification has already taken place and the head has not been re-adjusted. Also, qualification must take place after each head adjustment.


Length 731 mm
Diameter 31.5 mm
Weight 100 g
Probe mounting TP20 kinematic mount
Head mounting MS/T range of shanks
Suitable interface PI 4-2
No. of probe sockets 1
Probe status indication 1 LED
Cable connection 5 pin DIN 180º socket
A-axis indexing Non-indexing swivel ±93°
B-axis indexing Non-indexing swivel ±300°
Maximum extension bar EM2 extension module - 75 mm (2.95 in)

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