Global S

The GLOBAL S Series of new CMM machines have been designed to deliver superior performance and significantly increase productivity.


Whether the priority is precision, throughput, flexibility, or in-production CMM measurement, GLOBAL S CMMs are configured to meet the needs of the most challenging applications. Designed by Pininfarina and powered by the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Enhanced Productivity Series (EPS), the GLOBAL S provides a complete package of productivity and style.

Features and Benefits:

 Accurate High-Speed Scanning

  Automatic Power Saving and Air Saving Function

  Messaging Lights

  Improved Unknown Path Scanning

  Choice of Sensors Up to 800 mm

 Advanced Software Options

Technologies Implemented:


  • Reduced and compensate vibrations
  • Maintains its performance accuracy, even at the highest scanning speeds

Scan Pilot  

  • Improves the robustness of undefined path scanning operations
  • Allows for greater scan speeds, better throughput and higher application range

Fly2 Mode  

  • Glide smoothly through measurements
  • Depending on the application, Fly2 Mode can reduce the execution time of a measurement part program up to 5-6%

Eco Mode  

  • Saves power by automatically powering down the CMM when it stands idle
  • Reduces machine operating cost with no impact on machine performance

Eco Mode+  

  • Stops the flow of compressed air to the air bearings after a given time of machine inactivity
  • Reduces compressed air consumption by up to 90% and saves up to 25% of compressed air cost


Special Features:


  • Ideal for short measurement cycles without compromising accuracy


  • Excellent for producing parts with complex geometries and tight tolerances that require the highest level of accuracy


  • The optimal configuration for measuring parts with various features, material types and surface characteristics, or producing a number of different workpieces

Shop-Floor Capability

  • Bring inspection near line, at line or inline, closer to the point of production with reliable results even in changing temperatures


 Three Different Productivity Levels


The Global S Green is a cost-effective solution for common shop measurement and inspection projects. Designed for the most basic inspection projects, this CMM system supports touch trigger probes and is designed to deliver superior performance in accuracy, speed, environment, reliability and ease of use. The green line provides manufacturers with the best price to performance ratio.


The Global S Blue is the best solution for high tolerance parts and more sophisticated measurement task. In addition to touch probing, the blue series of Global S can also conduct highly accurate scans and is available is a variety of sizes.


The Global S Chrome is the ultimate measurement solution. The Chrome edition is tailored for maximum performance which allows for high speed & high accuracy. The chrome CMM is optimised to measure large dimensional components with complex geometries in the automotive, aerospace and industrial machining industries. Furthermore, it has advanced vibration reduction system available using the Compass Technology.

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