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Leitz Reference XT

The High-Flexibility Ultra-High Accuracy Coordinate Measuring Machine

    Leitz Reference XT

The Leitz Reference XT series offers exceptional scanning performance. This economic scanning measurement machine can easily be integrated into production and offers assured reliability, throughput and extensive accuracy - measuring in all dimensions.

With The Leitz Reference XT, the secret is in the name (the XT stands for eXTended, in relation to the unit’s extended temperature range); as a result of the system’s sophisticated temperature compensation system, The Leitz Reference XT excels at temperature resistance and offers a range of 15-30 °C.

With a multi-sensor controller, this CMM scanner is also appropriate for the integration of vision measurement sensors. Furthermore, it offers a choice of high precision probe head systems, including the LSP-X1 (in combination with the continuous wrist TESASTAR-m), the fixed measurement head LSP-X3c and the LSP-X5.

The Leitz Reference XT is available in the following sizes: