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    Leitz PMM-G

Leitz PMM-G

The Leitz PMM-G 3D is a gantry style coordinate measuring machine (CMM) with the largest and highest precision accuracy in the world; it covers measuring ranges starting at 3000 x 2000 x 2000mm up to 7000 x 4000 x 3000mm.

The system is capable of measuring large, tight tolerance parts – for example, typical parts measured on the Leitz PMM-G include: large diesel engines, jet engine components, aircraft wing structures, columns of printing machines, satellites, large machine tool parts, and many windpower components.

The Leitz PMM-G series can also be used for large gear inspection; it offers fast and precise inspection of gears and gear cutting tools up to a diameter of 5000mm.

Several sizes are available for the Leitz PMM-G; they range from 3000 x 2000 x 2000mm up to 7000 x 4000 x 3000mm.