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    Leitz PMM-C

Leitz PMM-C

An ultra-high precision coordinate measuring machine, the Leitz PMM-C series is most suitable for quick inspection of basic geometries, such as cylinder blocks, gear boxes, etc.

The Leitz PMM-C Infinity edition offers a 0.3 micron accuracy and 0.1 micron repeatability. The system is capable of fast and precise inspection of any type of gear including gear cutting tools up to 1550 mm in diameter. Special geometries can also be measured easily, such as gears, optical lenses, camshafts, worms, and screw compressors.

Lastly, the Leitz PMM-C series offers an integrated high-speed-scanning capability, for rapid collection of large numbers of data points. It also has various filtering options available.

The Leitz PMM-C is available in the following stock sizes:

  • 8.10.6
  • 12.10.6
  • 12.10.7
  • 16.12.7
  • 24.12.7
  • 16.12.10
  • 24.12.10
  • 24.16.10

Custom sizes are also available.