Faro Arm Calibration

Calibration is an integral part of ensuring the accuracy and performance of a coordinate measuring machine. Without proper arm calibration, machines are at a greater risk of inaccuracy and failure to measure altogether.

The process of calibrating a CMM arm involves a series of tests to determine the machine’s level of uncertainty and how it functions in relation to current industry standards. An accredited CMM company will assess a Faro arm’s accuracy and performance through these tests by inspecting the probes and the arm. At CMMXYZ, we provide professional metrology services across North America, including ISO 17025 accredited Faro arm calibrations. Our trained metrologists are able to carry out a series of tests to determine the reliability and functionality of a portable arm and its software.

What Is Faro Arm Calibration?

Faro calibration is essential in maintaining the accuracy of the machine, though it is often used interchangeably with compensation, verification, and Faro calibration certification. In reality, each term is an essential and individualized part of the process.


Calibration refers to a series of tests designed to compare the measurement values of a CMM to its established standards. At CMMXYZ, we perform calibrations based on current ISO standards and will provide an arm calibration certificate and official verification based on the manufacturer’s original specifications. Our CMM calibration services are carried out by a team of experienced metrologists.


Compensation is a process that involves adjusting the performance of a CMM tool while simultaneously keeping its performance within a designated veracity range. Specialized equipment is used to perform compensation on a Faro CMM.


A calibration certificate is a document our trained metrologists provide after a Faro arm calibration is completed. A Faro arm calibration certificate outlines all comparisons, discrepancies, and whether the machine has passed or failed its tests.

Faro Arms We Calibrate

At CMMXYZ, we offer a spectrum of Faro arm calibration services. Our team of trained metrologists examines every component of a Faro CMM, including CMM software, to ensure it Is performing at its highest level while maintaining industry standards.

Faro Gauge

The Faro Gauge Arm is a portable CMM designed to help machine and factory lines meet their most demanding quality standards. Each machine boasts an efficient assembly and delivers precise measurements.
  • Faro Gauge 1.2m / 4ft
  • Faro Gauge Plus 1.2m / 4 ft
  • Power Gauge 1.2m / 4 ft


The FaroArm is a multi-axis, portable CMM offered in three distinct packages: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each package is equipped with three probes, a power supply, and additional features.
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

FaroArm Platinum

The FaroArm Platinum is one of the most sought-after arms on the market. Its advanced accuracy and reverse engineering capabilities allow for precise measurements across industries, from Aerospace to Metal Fabrication.
  • Platinum 1.8m / 6ft (6-axis),
  • Platinum 2.4m / 8ft (6-axis)
  • Platinum 3.0m / 10ft (6-axis)
  • Platinum 3.7m / 12ft (6-axis)
  • Platinum 1.8m / 6ft (7-axis)
  • Platinum 2.4m / 8ft (7-axis)
  • Platinum 3.0m / 10ft (7-axis)
  • Platinum 3.7m / 12ft (7-axis)

FaroArm Fusion

The FaroArm Fusion offers infinite rotation for continuous measuring and an extended-use battery. This portable CMM is available in four working volumes and is most commonly used in the Aerospace and Automotive industry.
  • Fusion 1.8m / 6ft (6-axis)
  • Fusion 2.4m / 8ft (6-axis)
  • Fusion 3.0m / 10ft (6-axis)
  • Fusion 3.7m / 12ft (6-axis)
  • Fusion 1.8m / 6ft (7-axis)
  • Fusion 2.4m / 8ft (7-axis)
  • Fusion 3.0m / 10ft (7-axis)
  • Fusion 3.7m / 12ft (7-axis)

Faro Calibration, Certification & Verification Standards

Customers will receive a calibration certificate stating their Faro arm’s accuracy. Certification confirms their arm’s accuracy against industry standards and ensures the performance of the arm. Industry standards are designed to uphold the highest level of accuracy and machine functionality.

To ensure each machine can measure complex surfaces effectively, Faro arms must be tested according to industry guidelines and ISO standards to receive their certification. At CMMXYZ, our experienced metrologists and arm calibration experts inspect every detail of our clients’ PCMMs to ensure they meet the current ISO standards before issuing a certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Faro Arm Calibration & Verification

What is a Faro arm?

A Faro arm is a portable CMM (PCMM) with the ability to intricately and accurately measure the geometry of a surface. The 8-Axis Faro CMM is equipped with an advanced satellite rotating measurement platform.

How does a Faro arm work?

Faro’s high-resolution scanning technology allows the machine’s probe to rapidly scan the surfaces of any geometric object using a Laser Line Probe. There are several important facts about Faro arms that contribute to its overall functionality. This portable CMM uses contact measurement connected to kinematic probes to help manufacturers improve their product design, manufacturing costs and accurately measure their products.

Why do I need my Faro arm calibrated & verified?

Portable arm calibration ensures that each Faro arm being used across manufacturing floors performs at its highest level. To accurately measure complex surfaces and record the data, CMMs must be verified using current ISO standards.

At CMMXYZ, we offer extensive Faro arm calibration services, including Faro probe calibration, certification, and verification. Once we can verify a CMM’s performance and accuracy levels, our clients receive their Faro certification that states the accuracy that their machine is capable of in its current condition.

How accurate is a Faro arm?

These machines are known across the industry for their accuracy and precision. They’re designed to perform at the highest level, even in stressful industrial environments. To ensure your Faro arm remains precise, we recommend yearly arm calibration. At CMMXYZ, we calibrate Faro and Romer portable arms using industry-leading equipment, software, and a team of experienced metrologists.

Does Faro arm software need to be calibrated?

The software of a new or used CMM machine is a crucial component to its overall functionality and how successfully it’s able to measure industrial components. The software stores all the collected data and allows the user to process the information accordingly. Reputable metrology software should be certified by PTB (Physikalisch -Technische Bundesanstalt). PTB analyses the algorithms used in calculations and gives a grade as to the precision of these algorithms. PolyWorks software is class 1 PTB and is commonly used in this type of portable arm. It is an essential part of the calibration and verification services we offer at CMMXYZ.
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