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    Cobra 2D Laser Profile Scanner

Cobra 2D Laser Profile Scanner

The Cobra™ 2D Laser Profile Scanner is a portable non-contact measuring instrument that provides high resolution linear profiles. The Interchangeable DRS™ (Digital Range Sensor) sensors let you choose the resolution you need and make it ideal for fragile or pliable parts that have critical surface contours

With the Cobra™ 2D, you can easily view and analyze scans for the dimensional information you need. Computer-controlled translation of the DRS across a surface generates a profile in the Scan-X® analysis software. The portable Cobra can be set on a large part, or placed on a bench where small parts are placed beneath the DRS.

Lastly, setup is simple: all you need to do is adjust a micrometer to move the DRS into its capture range, which is clearly shown as a green bar in Scan-X. Furthermore, the optional video camera makes setup even easier and provides live color imaging of the scanning process.