PC-DMIS CAD++ Level 2

This course introduces iterative and best fit alignments, auto and quick alignments, more advance dimensioning and extended auto features. Automating probe calibrations and using patterns and loops are included. Scanning concepts for both Touch Trigger Probe (TTP) and Analog Probe users are also taught. Topics include scanning with and without models, using Measurement Strategies and data filtering.
5 days
English literacy, PC-DMIS Level 1

This CMM course extends the training from the Level 1 courses to include advanced alignments, CAD usage, program control and dimensioning. Students will learn autocalibration and how to include logic commands in their PC-DMIS programs. Scanning concepts and procedures using the Touch Trigger and Analog Probes are also covered. Students will learn how to execute several types of scans with and without a CAD model as well as how to export and view the results of a scan.


  • Auto calibration
  • CAD model manipulation
  • Advanced alignments
  • Iterative & best fit alignments
  • Advanced dimensioning - text box mode- analysis
  • Find nominals & point only mode
  • CMM Program control
  • Advanced auto features
  • Touch trigger probe scanning
  • Analog scanning users only
  • Analog scanning filters

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