Statistics for the CMM Programmer

Statistics for the CMM Programmer
1 Day
Basic Mathematics, computer literacy, Optional: Excel experience, Quality Assurance/ Inspection experience

Statistical process control (SPC) procedures help you monitor process behaviour.  The focus of this one day course is on the fundamentals and application of SPC Techniques applied to data obtained from measurement and manufacturing processes.

A one-day introduction to statistics that will allow  you to visualize and analyze data gathered from the shop floor and or quality lab. The  focus is on the fundamentals and applications of SPC techniques.  It is a blend of theory and practical exercises using Microsoft Excel. Quizzes are used throughout the course to gauge the student’s grasp of the concepts. Upon conclusion you will be able to understand important SPC terminology and how it can be applied effectively to solve problems.

Topics covered:

Fundamentals of SPC
Pareto Analysis
Control Charts
Capability Analysis
Gauge R&R

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