CMM-Manager Training

CMM-Manager Basic Training
3 Days
English literacy, basic mathematics, basic computer skills
This CMM training course allows the first time CMM-Manager user to  operate CMM-Manager and create basic programs with or without 3D CAD.  This course if offered in both live-remote format or in-house.
Course Curriculum

  • CMM-Manager Introduction
    • Startup
    • Homing the CMM
    • User Interface
    • Preferences
  • Probes
    • Probe Assembly Setup
    • Calibration Sphere Setup
    • Tip Manager (calibration)
  • Reference Frames / Alignment
    • Datums
    • Canned Alignments
    • Traditional Alignment Tools
  • Import & Prepare CAD
  • Features
    • Manual / Joystick Measure
    • CAD Teach
    • Constructions
  • Reporting
    • Basic Reporting
    • GD&T / Advanced
    • CAD Comparison
    • Graphical Report
  • Save & Run Program

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