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Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

The most complete software for coordinate measuring machines.

The largest benefit of QUINDOS software is its powerful optional programs designed specifically for high precision components.


QUINDOS Gears basically converts a CMM into a gear measuring center. All probing points and scanning lines are created automatically. An additional feature is that a rotary table does not have to be used. Allowing for cost effective gear measurement.


QUINDOS Gear Cutting Tools

Utilized on high accuracy CMMs, QUINDOS Gear Cutting Tools automatically deduces travelpaths, probing points and scanning lines. Evaluations are directly related to ISO and DIN standards.




Quindos Worms will accurately measure worm wheels, double-enveloping worms or cylindrical worms. Cylindrical worms can be evaluated by helix, runout, profile, pitch topography and dimensions over balls.



Additional Quindos options:

  • Quindos Power Train
  • Quindos Pallet Measurement
  • Quindso I++ Simulator
  • Plus many other part specific options.

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