PC-DMIS IP (Inspection Planner)

Software Developer:
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

PC-DMIS Planner is a standalone application automating information flow between the design department and the engineering departments responsible for manufacturing. Therefore, creating a bidirectional link between CAD and CMM inspection programs.

Building inspection requirements into CAD Models:

PC-DMIS Planner incorporates design requirements and modifications from design to the shop floor.

Guaranteeing dimensional integrity:

Most parts today are designed on CAD representing perfect parts. However, manufactured parts deviate from the CAD model. PC-DMIS Planner by using Direct Cad translators or interfaces allows the quality department access to the latest CAD.

Benefits for Design Engineers:

  • Eradicates marked up drawings
  • Tolerances, dimensions and datums are imbedded in the CAD file
  • Translation of standard formats (IGES, STEP) or utilization of PC-DMIS Direct CAD Interface or Direct CAD translator
  • Generation of part programs automatically from inspection plans using default parameters
  • Utilization of PC-DMIS tools for clearance moves and probe path optimization

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