CMmediator (EasyCmm)

Software Developer:
(EasyCmm) Globus Ltd
CMmediator (CMmediator)

CMmediator (EasyCmm) - First universal CMM server that enables direct, plug-&-play cross communication among the leading CMM brands and metrology softwares.

Features and Benefits:

One Standard Metrology Software for all CMM Brands

  • Seamless Cross Communication and Flexibility
  • Directly interfaces with any CMM and CMM-Head
  • Compatible with industry leading Metrology brands
  • Transfers data gathered from a CMM to any CMM software of choice
  • Controls, collects and analyses data
  • Provides users with proccessed information about physical geometric characteristics

Ease of Use & Flexibility

  • Can shift different metrology software packages among different CMMs
  • Free to change any combinations to best meet the application
  • Expand or upgrade software at once for different CMMs
  • Provides you with the freedom to purchase CMMs and software products separately

Supports Error Mapping

Cost Effective


I++ Protocol Softwares Suported CMM Brands Supported
PolyWorks™ Hexagon Dea
MCosmos™ Hexagon Leitz
PcDmis™ Mitutoyo
Rational-Dmis™ Wenzel
Quartis™ Pantec
CM™ Nikon (LK)
Metrolog™ Zeiss™
Verisuf™ Renishaw
Power Inspect™ Tesa

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