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MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor metrology CMM software is the premier acquisition and control software for OGP® video measuring systems. Get maximum productivity from video, laser, touch probes, and micro-probes, including measurement of parts mounted on single or compound rotary indexers. It includes:

  • Full field-of-view (FOV) video image processing and weak edge analysis
  • Single and dual monitor solutions
  • Software interface control of all illumination sources and zoom lens settings
  • Real-time graphical display of measurement results
  • Intuitive mouse-driven user interface with icon toolbox for direct access to important measurement functions
  • Color 3D models with color-coded in- or out-of-tolerance conditions
  • Advanced analysis functions,including math operations,branch on condition,and if-then-else statements
  • Choices of data reduction methods,including best fit and min/max geometry
  • Compatibility with optional OGP software:SmartCAD® for CAD compatibility;MeasureFit® Plus for composite form analysis;SmartReport® Plus for custom report generation and export to spreadsheets or databases;third-party software for SPC analysis;MeasureMenu™ for productivity enhancement

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