The Importance of 3D-Scanning Technology in Museums

Published by CMMXYZ on February 26, 2020

How 3D-Scanning Can Help Museums

In December of last year, CMMXYZ had the pleasure of attending and exhibiting at the Technology in Museums Symposium in Ottawa, Ontario.  The 3D-Scanning technology that we chose to showcase was the Artec Leo. The Leo is the first 3D scanner to offer complete freedom and mobility to scan anywhere. This unit is wireless, target less and unbelievably user-friendly.  The Leo's onboard processor and touch screen instantly lets you see what you have scanned and where you might need to fill in missed data. My focus for Scanning was a 75-million-year-old Maiasaura nestling dinosaur that was discovered in Montana by Jack Horner. This beautiful replica was on loan to us from the Royal Ontario Museum.

Photo: A.Quintero Courtesy of the Canadian Museum Association

Museums throughout the world are digitizing their physical collections to preserve and share our ancient and prehistoric beginnings. This type of 3D Scanning is available in Toronto at CMMXYZ.  It is non-destructive, non-contact and is ideal for scanning these priceless and often very fragile pieces.

In many cases, countless hours of artists' time are spent doing their best to try and recreate some of these pieces from photographs. In a matter of a few minutes, 3D- Scanning Services in Toronto could have captured a perfect doppelgänger. These structures can be 3D scanned to incredible accuracy and can be recreated almost perfectly for people to be able to visit, enjoy and learn from.

The use of structured light, 3D scanning technology allows us to quickly and easily digitize almost anything to sub-millimeter accuracy in full color. This means these scans can be used for 3D printing or CNC machining to create a perfect replica. Replicas can then be reproduced, shared between research facilities, used for educational purposes and for the enjoyment of non-sighted museum-goers or people that benefit from hands-on learning—all of this without endangering the unique original. The short time at TIMS made for some interesting conversations and made attendees aware of how the Artec Leo and  3D-Scanning can help museums digitize their collections. 

If you would like to know more about CMMXYZ and how we can use our 3D-Scanning in Toronto to help, please call 1.800.606.9266 or visit our website.

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