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Artec Studio 18 is a powerful software designed for professional 3D scanning and data processing. It enhances 3D scanners with features like Autopilot for efficient scanning, AI-powered capabilities for capturing challenging areas, and a user-friendly interface for easy learning. The software supports various workflows, including scanning and processing, reverse engineering, inspection, and creating photorealistic 3D models. It offers annual updates, continually improving functionality.

The latest version, AS18, introduces Smart Fusion for multi-scanner projects, faster processing, enhanced reverse engineering, and a new user interface.

Artec Studio 18 simplifies the scanning of challenging surfaces, operates in High-Definition Mode for superior quality, and facilitates Scan-to-CAD for reverse engineering. It also streamlines quality inspection workflows and allows mesh-to-CAD comparison. The software enables the creation of photorealistic CGI models by combining scan data and photogrammetry. It supports colour and geometry for realistic 3D models and allows scanning on Mac via Boot Camp.

Industry acclaimed CMM software for professional 3D scanning and data processing.

Generating 3D Models Accurately and Efficiently

Features and benefits for CMM operation:

  • Autopilot
  • Easy Scanning
  • High Precision
  • Fast
  • Directly compatible with CAD

Ease of Use & Flexibility


An advanced smart mode which guides users through post-processing in a few easy steps, automatically selecting the most effective settings for your data and producing a high precision 3D model.

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