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What is a Multisensor CMM?

Multisensor Measuring Machines


Multisensor measuring machines are devices that combine more than one sensor (touch probe, video, laser) on a single device.  Multisensor measuring machines usually work in an area less than 500 millimeters in X and Y, and less than 150 millimeters in Z.

The benefits of video on a multisensor measuring machine are the CCD camera used has the ability to measure areas that are easily deflected or features that are so small the probe on a standard coordinate measurement machine would not be able to reach. Although the smallest probe on a coordinate measuring machine is about .3 of a millimeter when you're looking at multitudes of features, the optical system is much more accurate and quicker.

Touch probes are often required on multisensor measuring machines as most people have three-dimensional parts, generally with features on the sides. Cameras, which simply look in the X/Y plane, aren't able to look at these features, nor are they able to look at features with depth such as cylinders. 

The laser probe on a multisensor measuring machine is used for very complex areas.  An example of this could be looking down at a feature at the bottom of a bore.  A camera system nor touch probe would be able to reach this feature.

The accuracy of a multisensor  video system is generally less than two micron in practice.

The advantage of  multisensor systems  over conventional coordinate measuring machines are:

-              Speed - usually three to five times quicker

-              The ability to optimize metrology on certain parts.  On a coordinate measuring machine you're looking at a tactile or scanning technology only being applied.

-              Multisensor measuring machines are much more accurate than a conventional CMM. They have a smaller footprint. They are more easily moved, and generally speaking, they require less maintenance.


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