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Vision and Multisensor Systems

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OQ-30B Contour Projector
OQ-30B Contour Projector
Manufacturer: OGP
Model: OQ-30B
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Vision and multisensor systems: the least known part of coordinate measuring machines.

If you are measuring components that are generally less than 600 mm² and no more than 200 mm tall, a vision or multisensor system may be something you might want to explore.

In some instances noncontact is the obvious way to go and we have the finest products available from OGP. Because of everyone’s familiarity with the conventional coordinate measuring machine we often overlook the multisensor system. The following benefits are inherent with our OGP multisensor coordinate measuring machines and offer great advantages to the users of these products:

  • OGP multisensor systems have a very small footprint allowing valuable space to be utilised for other tasks.
  • Multisensor systems provide a variety of measuring strategies: Optical for features that cannot easily be accessed by conventional probe.  Touch probing for three-dimensional components.  Laser for delicate and or incredibly complex areas that are required to be measured.
  • Multisensor systems are fast - throughput speeds are usually 3 to 5 times quicker than a conventional coordinate measuring machine.
  • Multisensor systems are in 95% of the cases much more accurate than coordinate measuring machines providing the repeatability results that only the most expensive CMMs could ever match.

Talk to us about your multisensor measurement requirements.