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SmartScope Zip Lite 300

    SmartScope Zip Lite 300

The SmartScope ZIP® Lite 300 has similar characteristics to the benchtop SmartScope ZIP Lite 250, but with expanded XYZ measurement volume of 300x300x150 mm. Similarly, this measurement system features joystick controlled precision mechanical bearing motorized stages. It also has metrological stability and measurement precision thanks to the 0.5 µm linear scales, which are mounted to a granite base and column.

The SmartScope ZIP® Lite 300 features a patented AccuCentric® 7:1 motorized zoom lens, which auto-calibrates itself with every magnification change over the life of the measurement system. The zoom lens keeps images in focus and on-axis throughout its zoom range. A variety of optional lens attachments and adapter tubes expand the magnification range, for additional value and versatility.

Furthermore, SmartScope ZIP Lite systems provide illumination flexibility with green LED profile light, LED coaxial surface light and the patented full-LED SmartRing™ light. Each system is also equipped with MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor metrology software, providing full 3D measurement capability and advanced measurement algorithms. If the user prefers, Measure-X® can be addedinstead of MeasureMind 3D.

Every SmartScope ZIP Lite 300 is multisensor capable and can accommodate touch trigger probes, micro-probes, and laser scanners.

XYZ Stage Travel: 300 x 300 x 150 mm

Area Accuracy: (2.5 + 8L/1000) µm

Z Accuracy: up to (2.5 + 5L/1000) µm