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SmartScope Zip Lite 250

    SmartScope Zip Lite 250

Like the SmartScope Zip 250, the SmartScope ZIP® Lite 250 is specially designed for the toughest imaging applications. This compact system is a cost effective solution for automatic video-based inspection and measurement, with the inclusion of advanced ZIP motorized zoom optics.

The SmartScope ZIP® Lite 250 keeps images in focus and on-axis throughout its zoom range thanks to its precise 7:1 motorized zoom lens. A wide variety of optional lens attachments and adapter tubes can also expand the magnification range, providing further value and adaptability.

SmartScope ZIP Lite 250 uses MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor metrology software to take full advantage of a 3D measurement environment (Measure-X® is optional, in lieu of MeasureMind 3D). Furthermore, the SmartScope ZIP® Lite 250 provides an XYZ measurement volume of 250x150x150 mm, with an optional 300 mm extended X-axis. It also features joystick controlled precision mechanical bearing motorized stages and 0.5 µm linear scales, mounted to a metrologically stable granite base and column.

Lastly, the system comes with LED coaxial and profile illumination combined with the patented white-LED SmartRing™ programmable ring light. This provides lighting adaptable to a variety of measurement conditions.

Every SmartScope ZIP Lite 250 is multisensor capable and can accommodate touch trigger probes, micro-probes, and laser scanners.

XYZ Stage Travels: 250 x 150 x 150 mm
, 300 x 150 x 150 mm

Area Accuracy: up to (2.0 + 6L/1000) µm

Z Accuracy: up to (2.5 + 5L/1000) µm