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QL-20 Contour Projector

    QL-20 Contour Projector

With impeccable ergonomics and a unique design, the QL-20 Contour Projector is ideal for virtually every inspection application.

The QL-20 is designed to provide large measurement capability in a minimum amount of space; with more than double the image area of 14 inch systems, it has a 20" viewable screen, rigid construction for measurement stability, and patented optics for visual acuity.

The QL-20 also features the innovative, new all-LED TruLight® illumination. High-quality optics means that images are fully corrected (upright and un-reversed), with virtually zero distortion or field curvature. Furthermore, diffraction-limited optics allows you to measure large parts, even at the highest magnification.

Lastly, the Ql-20's in-line design allows easy access to parts and fixtures. For instance, the controls are located at natural positions for fatigue-free operation and the screen and digital readouts are located at eye level.