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Absolute Portable Arms

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Portable CMMs: the most versatile measuring tool today

The portable arm has become the most popular shop floor measurement tool in the world and for good reason.  It’s highly portable, inexpensive, surprisingly accurate and incredibly rugged making it the number one choice for measurement in a modern manufacturing facility.

Romer Portable Arms are the most versatile product available currently. Not only do we supply the probing only model, but also the increasingly popular integrated scanning system. The Portable Arm with integrated scanning system allows not only inspection on the shop floor using a probe, but also the ability to scan complex services, reverse engineer, and collect thousands of data points per second. Ideal for complex dye work, models, sheet metal and plastic injection molded components.

The flexibility of the Romer Portable Arm enables it to measure components that are much larger than the arms measuring span by leapfrogging around larger components. The software allows multiple part setups to be integrated together to produce one inspection program.

The Absolute Arm is completely portable. All the components fit into a hard sided case with wheels that can be easily transported via a small car, through an airport or even within the factory.  The unit can be quickly disassembled and reassembled in minutes without the need for additional calibration!

A Portable Arm is the best portable measuring device available today.