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    Polyworks Support & Downloads

Polyworks Support & Downloads

With the purchase of your new PolyWorks license or the renewal of your support/maintenace contract you have access to InnovMetric's Technical Support Zone area. The support/maintenance contract gives access to:

New Releases of PolyWorks

  • Official releases
  • Intermediary versions
  • PolyWorks plug-ins
  • PolyWorks service packs

Online help through InnovMetric's Technical Support Zone

The Technical Support Zone is a complete source of information providing PolyWorks users with 24/7 access to:

  • A New Releases section, offering the latest versions (official, intermediary, patches) of PolyWorks.
  • A Data Exchange section, offering the possibility of downloading various datasets (point clouds) as well as the Beginner's Guides documents. This section also offers the possibility of uploading data to InnovMetric.
  • A Macro Zone that enables users of the PolyWorks community to share macro scripts with other users.
  • A FAQ section which answers the most frequently-asked questions of new PolyWorks Users.
  • And more.

To access InnovMetric's Technical Support Zone click here


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