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Leica Absolute Tracker AT403

Absolute Productivity, Portability, Resilience.

    Leica Absolute Tracker AT403

The Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 is a self-contained measurement workshop inside a compact and convenient single case.

With outperforming measurement process speed, operational simplicity like no other laser tracker and an unmatched level of robust construction, the Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 is a calculated bundle of affordable innovation without equal on the portable measurement market.

Improvements include faster and more economical stationary and continuous measurement processes, along with a streamlined station change procedure. Added WiFi access point functionality and hot-swappable batteries deliver unmatched measurement freedom. Designed for leading results in almost any imaginable measurement environment, it is rated for operation in temperatures ranging from -15 to 45 degrees Celsius and features built-in environmental monitoring, orient-to-gravity functionality and construction in line with the rigorous IP54 certification standard. The Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 comes with a full 24-month factory warranty and guaranteed ten years of serviceability.

 Features and Benefits:

  • All-in-One Integrated Design
  • Single-Box Probing System 
  • Smart Connectivity 
  • PowerLock
  • Continuous Measurment
  • Entry-Level Probing
  • IP54 Certification
  • MeteoStation
  • Orient-to-Gravity
  • Battery Power
  • Operating Power
  • Operating Temperature (-15 to 45 Degrees Celsius)
  • Measurement Volume of up to 320 meters
  • Full 24-month factory warranty and guaranteed ten years of serviceability.