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How We Calibrate Faro and Romer Portable Arms

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At a minimum it is wise to have your portable arm calibrated once annually. In cases where If you're involved in  high-tolerance work, or the arm is receiving a lot of abuse and being transported from plant-to- plant, we would recommend, perhaps, every 6 months.   Here at CMM we are primarily a ROMER portable arm service center for both tactile and scanning arms.  We provide full calibrations on Romer portable arms and can inspect and issue a certificate for Faro arms.  

It is important to understand that a portable arm needs more scrutiny than a coordinate measuring machine. A coordinate measuring machine stays in one spot while a portable arm, by the nature portable, is moved throughout a factory.  It's assembled, disassembled, put on fixtures and put on surface plates. Generally speaking, it receives a lot more abuse than a coordinate measuring machine because it's used manually.

If you do not want your arm adjusted but simply need to know how well it's measuring we can do that for you.  We can provide you a Certificate of Inspection as to where the arm performs now, without giving any adjustment on the arm itself.

We are an ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited lab as well as ISO 9001 registered.  There are essentially two tests we conduct on portable arms:  One is the single point test. The single point test looks at the condition of the encoders and the wrists. The second test is the volumetric test with this test we are looking at the arm within the volume.  All these tests are documented in the B-89 specification.  Turnaround time for a portable arm averages 2 to 3 days.


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