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Global Advantage

Advanced Measurement Solution for Large Components

    Global Advantage

Tailored for maximum performance, the Hexagon (Brown & Sharpe) Global® Advantage is a flexible gauging system that can efficiently and effectively complete a wide variety of measurement and inspection projects.

With the Global® Advantage, you can measure more quickly and more conveniently than before; this system has the most advanced package on the market - offering a combination of accuracy and speed. Specifically, it includes the highest performance drive of all Global designs, with a top acceleration of 4.3m/s2, for maximum measuring throughput. The GLOBAL Advantage coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is optimised to measure large dimensional components with complex geometries in the automotive, aerospace and industrial machining industries. By utilising the versatility of the CMM, you can remove the bottleneck within the quality department and enable faster part setup for large complex parts.

The combination of high machine dynamics (speed and acceleration), optimised motion control algorithms, advanced software, thermal compensation and a wide variety of probe configurations make the GLOBAL Advantage ideal for the dimensional inspection of components with tight tolerances and complex geometries and free-form surfaces such as large valves, gears and gearbox components.

Furthermore, the system comes standard with a high performance analog scanning probe, advanced software with CAD and supplementary capabilities, training and warranty.

The Global Advantage HTA is also avaliable for complex aerospace blade inspection.


Features and Benefits:

   Designed for Stability

  • All-aluminum ultra-rigid frame of the GLOBAL Advantage provides optimum stiff-to-mass ratio resulting in high precision and long-term stability

   Versatile Sensor Configuration

  • Supports multisensor technology in a variety of configurations to suit different material types and feature characteristics 
  • Probe head configurations are compatible with extension probes ranging from 740 mm to 800 mm


  • Accessible from four sides to ensure integrability with part loading/unloading systems

   PULSE Technology

  • Control over the surrounding environment to obtain accurate measurement results 
  • Protection from pollution, dust, advanced temperature compensation algorithms and optional environmental monitoring system


  • PC-DMIS has over 30 years of built-in expertise to meet manufacturers' measurement needs
  • QUINDOS is also available for inspection of special or complex geometries