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Global Advantage HTA

The High Throughput and Accuracy Measurement Solution for Aerospace Compressor Blade Manufacturers

    Global Advantage HTA

Specifically designed as a high precision measurement solution for aero-engine blades, the Global Advantage HTA CMM can achieve 2 to 5 times the measurement throughput compared to tactile scanning via the combination of high-accuracy non-contact laser, 4-axis simultaneous motion controller and optimized data acquisition methods.

The Global Advantage HTA CMM meets the measurement needs of jet engine manufacturers to allow them to launch engines with higher performance and greater fuel efficiency.

The Global Advantage HTA uses the advanced HP-O Multi optical sensor technology, which places high-speed measurement of air and land-based turbine blades in a shop-floor environment.


 Features and Benefits:

 Flexible Non-Contact HP-O Multi Advanced Laser Sensor

  • Configuration flexibility to suit compressor blade geometries and surface types from rough to micro-finished

  Suitable for Any Size Production Environment

  • User workstation arm and peripheral device power switches are front mounted allowing for single side access

 HP-O Multi Ensures Maximum Configuration Flexibility

  • Probing configuration can be applied to a wide range of varying surface finishes and can use up to six sensors 

  Intuitive Application-Based User Interface

  • Inspection of aerofoil, platform, and root characteristics are easily combined

  Reduced Creation / Deployment Time

  • Using enhanced measurement methods and measurement task develpment tools, creation and deployment of complex individual 2D and 3D blade measurement operation now take only minutes to complete