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Faro Arms

The tremendous popularity of portable measuring equipment in the modern factory has been phenomenal. In fact, in the last 10 years we have witnessed a migration from the quality lab to the shop floor when it comes to measurement of parts. There are several reasons for this: First, is the incredible low cost of entry.  Many portable arms now sell for less than $40,000 complete with software and laptop computer. Second, is the ease-of-use. In fact new software products such as PC-DMIS portable enable any employee familiar with measurement the ability to quickly measure complex parts and shapes. Third, is the precision level achieved. As new models arrive on the market they deliver better accuracy and repeatability with the added benefit of being portable. In fact, in today's manufacturing environment you would be hard-pressed to find a facility that does not have a portable arm whether that is a Faro or a Romer arm.

Canadian Measurement-Metrology Inc. offers a comprehensive array of portable products.  Our new products are manufactured by Romer, a part of Hexagon Metrology.  However, a large array of preowned, portable arms is also available notably a large selection of Faro portable systems. Most of these arms are usually over five years old but offer tremendous value to the end-user.  Our prices for used Faro Silver arms usually start at around $6000 and will increase to around $16,000 for gold and platinum models. Most of these systems have Faro CAM 2 software  however they can also be supplied with PC-DMIS portable software, Power Inspect, or PolyWorks. If you're not familiar with any of the software products we do recommend you call or e-mail us for our recommendations based on the product you are measuring and experience level.

Allow us to become your favorite source for preowned Faro arms and accessories.


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