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DEA designed and built the first stationary coordinate measuring machine in 1963, although some other manufacturers dispute this, there is no question that DEA technology in the 1960s was beyond that of other manufacturers in the coordinate measuring machine industry.  Since then its sole purpose is improving its 3-D inspection technology. DEA machines can now be found throughout the world, wherever high-speed, high accurate measurement is required.

The largest stationary gantry- and bridge-type 3D coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) from DEA will give you unprecedented performance. It is not just the capacity of these giant coordinate measuring systems that sets DEA apart but also their temperature stable materials, rigid structure and high accuracy - on the production floor, in a production cell or in the measuring room. The DEA CMM can act as a standalone system or as a station in a production cell.

To this day large gantry coordinate measuring machines are the backbone of high precision inspection of massive parts, optical and laser trackers still do not meet the unprecedented accuracies held by the DEA gantry machines.

DEA is now a part of Hexagon Metrology, and continues to thrive as the world’s number one manufacturer of large and high-speed CMMs


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