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Contract Measurement Services: What You Need to Know

Contract Measurement Services: What You Need to Know

Speed, efficiency and reliability – what more could you ask for? It’s imperative that your work pieces are measured quickly and reliably as contracted. In order for this to become a reality, a well-equipped and trained service provider is the solution that you need.

When it comes to using a skilled contract measurement service provider, there is a long list of benefits. Here are some of the most prevalent benefits that can be appreciated:


- The contract measurement service provider you choose to work with will hand-pick the equipment best suited for your work - rather than making due with a single piece of equipment.


- Your turn-around time for each project can be minimized, thanks to a fast response time that the service provider will give you.


- Your productivity and efficiency will sky-rocket. With a well-equipped service provider, you will no longer have to wait for a program to be written or parts to be measured. Instead, it can be done right away.


If you’re on the search for a dependable, reputable and professional contract measurement service provider, Canadian Measurement–Metrology Inc. (CMM) can help. We are the largest and best equipped contract measurement services provider in Canada.

CMM is also supported by the most experienced and well-trained group of professional metrologists from anywhere in North America. So you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands.

Our laboratory capabilities include: Gantry CMM with 5m measurement range, Ultra High accuracy measurement to 1µm, Gear & Blade inspection, High Speed Scanning (analog/digital/laser), Reverse Engineering, Video Measuring (non-contact).

When you’re searching for a professional contract measurement service provider, it’s also important to research the types of services that are offered. Some of the services that Canadian Measurement–Metrology Inc. proudly offers include: Contract Programming and Inspection, Dimension Inspection, Reverse Engineering, 3D Scanning, Precision Laser Alignment, Tooling Verification, Customized Solutions, and Training.

Lastly, on-site services are also a valuable component of professional contract measurement service provider. In the long run, on-site services will save you time, money and profitability.

CMM’s on-site services include: Laser Measurement capacity: 80 meters, Laser scanning capacity: 15 meters (in one setup), Portable Arm: measuring & scanning and Reverse Engineering.


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