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    Blaze 600M

Blaze 600M

BLAZE 600M is the latest generation of Hexagon's non-contact inspection solution. Based on short wavelength blue light LED illumination technology to ensure image clarity and immunity to changes in ambient or external light, it uses high-resolution digital cameras to rapidly construct accurate 3D data. 

The robust system works by rapidly projecting various patterns on to the part and simultaneously capturing the area digitally. The images are reconciled in the software to create an accurate 3D model, while 2D images are processed to ensure the most accurate feature measurement possible. 

BLAZE 600M is the only solution that has the benefits of stereovision and structured light technologies built into a single, easy-to-operate system. These complementary technologies enable users to select working modes optimised for the application, whether it is dimensional measurement and 3D modelling or reverse engineering capabilities. 

Drawing on Hexagon’s proven white light measurement technology and engineered for improved performance, BLAZE 600M maintains accuracy over larger areas to reduce inspection times and support productivity targets. The scanner’s new data acquisition modes ensure better performance on feature measurement and point cloud digitisation, higher 3D meshing quality and improved material acceptance.