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    AICON PrimeScan

AICON PrimeScan

For three-dimensional surface acquisition, white light scanning is a well-established procedure both in industrial and non-industrial applications. Using the contact-free optical scanning technology, even complex surface structures are captured swiftly and at a high level of accuracy. AICON scanners are versatile thanks to their exceptional mechanical and thermal stability. They are known for both extraordinary sturdiness and highest precision. 

With the new scanner line PrimeScan, AICON 3D Systems provides an attractive entry-level solution for highly precise 3D digitization of industrial components. The PrimeScan is an entirely new development. Like the classical high-end scanner lines SmartScan and StereoScan, it is based on the fringe projection technology that provides the strongest luminous power and the best projection quality. 

The PrimeScan offers 24 fixed configurations with different resolutions and measuring fields – the perfect solution for every measuring task. It is equipped with either blue-light technology for industrial applications or white-light technology for scanning with additional colour information, as required in arts, culture and design.