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2015 Mississauga Knowledge Tour Review

On November 3rd and 4th, Canadian Measurement Metrology hosted its 2015 Knowledge Tour at their headquarters in Mississauga. Experts from CMM and CMM's partners were on hand to showcase the latest technologies available today. Hexagon Metrology's revolutionary WLS Q Flash was featured in the morning presentation, demonstrating measurement at the speed of light.

Customers witnessed the probing system of tomorrow, the Renishaw REVO. The very best in five axis measurement technology. Renishaw's flexible equator gauging system was on display to demonstrate how it delivers fast highly repeatable gauging on the shop floor. Leica's AT 960 and AT 402 Absolute Trackers were featured demonstrating unique qualities of these revolutionary systems.

Always a crowd pleaser, the Romer Absolute Arm was in action showcasing the very best in portable arms. Optical Gaging Products demonstrated their Zone 3 software as well as their partner RAM who demonstrated the Snap digital measuring machine. All in all, a great event with great partners and great customers.

All in all, it was a day full of product innovations, knowledge and education.  Canadian Measurement – Metrology would like to thank those that attended and helped to make the day a success.


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